The Workbook

The Funeral Planning Workbook is a way to minimize the chaos and stress for your family and friends, immediately following your death.

Use this workbook to compile your funeral ideas and notes in one document. Make known your final wishes regarding preferred burial options and what you would like to have for a memorial gathering or service. Then, share its location with a trusted and designated “decision maker” to carry out your final wishes.

The Author

This workbook is the creation of Rev. Dr. Carla Ryan and her company: Colorado Center for Conscious Learning (llc).

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Where to Get It

The Funeral Planning Workbook (2nd edition) is available through the on-demand publishing services of Create Space, a division of Amazon.

Order through (books) by searching for this title and book cover.

$10.95 + shipping and sales tax

Your personal copy comes with a glossy cover and 42 pages of guided writing space to record your final wishes for your memorial service or celebration of life event.

Next Steps...

The truth is, all of us will die at some point - at least our bodies will cease to work. And whatever your religious or spiritual belief, this workbook will help you establish what you want done for that final celebration of life. Having this conversation is an opportunity to create a “sacred space” of conversation and connectedness with your family and friends.

It's a small investment for a some very big decisions.